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How to: move out cleaning

Your rent deal is coming to an end and very soon you are going to have to leave. This seems, however, a lot easier than it's in the reality. This situation is actually related to a many difficulty– you have to discover where to stay/ a new place to rent immediately or someplace you can stay till you find the right flat/, you need to pack all your things, to sift out which of them are worth saving and which you better throw out, you have to transport them and last but not least you will have to take care of the old flat and do the post tenancy cleaning. And there is only one way to cope with this situation smoothly– to come with a well-prepared plan of action.


Prepare and pack

You better start off with what you can do by yourself and organize all of your personal belongings. If you are relocating far from your existing apartment, it might be more difficult for you, if you want to transport all your stuff. So go room by room and choose what you truly want and what you can leave without any regrets. Yet take your time, don't hurry. You can spend your first day checking out the important things in your bedroom– your clothes, photographes, decorations, frames, makeup things. Get rid of anything you have never used in the past 6 months and of course anything you do not want. Life is too short to become surrounded by ugly items, you know. The following day do the same with the kitchen and so on. This way by time the after tenancy cleaning starts you will have packed most of your priceless belongings.


Find friends



Yeah, in life you can not do every single thing alone. That's the reason you need your friends and family, who are always by your side and will definitely help you go through this life changing step. For this part is really important to prepare every single thing upfront, simply because if you tell your friends that you want their assistance tomorrow, they

may possibly not show up, because they have already made their plans for that day. So ask a week or two earlier and ensure that they will be able to come and really help you when you need them. Also make a checklist of all the things you need from your friends and make them pick what to do. Do not forget that they are not required to help you, so don't act like a boss, but be thankful.



In London one of the most effective approaches is to select a cleaning company which would do the actual end of tenancy cleaning.

The reasons are multiple– they are aware of the to-do list, they have the correct cleaning tools, the technique, they will do it much faster and better. But, there have to be a person to coordinate everything happening, not just the cleaning in the old flat, but also the moving in the new flat. So be that person, and if you feel that you can not handle, choose one of your friends to perform this task.

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